Select the visibility and the topics

Visibility of the question means that the question can belong to either your private repository or for public. If you want to create a question for public bank select public.These questions will be visible to all. If you want to create question for private bank select private .These questions will be saved in your private repository. If you are creating a question for public then you have to select a topic from the Codzilla tree and if you are creating a question for your private repository then you can either select a topic from the Codzilla tree or you can modify the tree.


Give details about your question. Select the complexity type of your question and then the type of question you want to create.We right now have 7 levels starting from beginners to experts and six different types of questions about which you are already familiar. Give a title to your question which cannot exceed more than 50 characters but is compulsory.You can add a description if you want.


Finally write the code which is your question.If you want the student to use a function of any library then include it because the students are not allowed to use any libraries. You also have the facility to make parts of your code visible,invisible and editable according to the need of your question.


You have to specify the desired output of your question.You can either specify it as text or upload a file with ".txt" extension which shoul be not be empty and can be maximum of 2MB . Please do not forget to give output for your question otherwise your question will not be submitted.