Tutorials on how to create a question on Codzilla

Questions of such type contain warning on compilation. Students have to identify the warning and make necessary changes in order to remove the warning.

Questions of such type give error on compilation.Errors can be of any type like mostly syntax errors. These questions basically tests the basic knowledge of students.

Such type of questions will contain functions which will return a value based on which you have to return marks of the student .Partial marking can be considered

Questions of such type will require an output file.Students can be given a code for which they will give the output or pattern type question where the pattern will be given seperately in an output file.

Questions of such type give standard error like array index out of bound ,division by zero and other memory related errors .Students can be asked to print the errors or handle errors.

These are questions which have test input and output files .Students write functions which are tested against your standard input and output files which you will upload along with the question.