General questions
Codzilla is a site for beginners as well as experts to solve programming problems . There is a comprehensive and growing bank of problems for one and all.Simple problems for beginners,sections of code for intermediartes and challenges for experts.
For Fun What can be more exciting than solving challenging problems.
Glory As you solve more challenges, you will earn points, and move up in the Codzilla Leaderboard
Learning You will be able to learn new programming topics and techniques by going through the challenges on Codzilla. We believe the way to learn something is by doing it.
Without logging in on Codzilla you can view all the questions but to create a question or to solve a problem you need to login.You can view the submissions of a particular question without logging in but to see your own questions you need to login.
You can register on Codzilla by simply clicking on the SIGNUP button and provide username,emailid and password .After that you will receive an activation link on your provided mailid and clicking onto that link will verify your account and register you on Codzilla
You can login by simply clicking on the login button and then provide your registered emailid and password.If ther are correct you are logged in.
If you forget your password then click forget my password link.A popup will appear which will ask for your emailid .After providing that a link will be sent to your emailid .By clicking on that link you can reset your password.
How does Codzilla test whether my solution is correct or not?
Questions of this type are only compiled and not executed but they are compiled on the compiler with high warning level .Your code should be perfect for it to compile with no warning.
Questions of this type are also only compiled and not executed but in this type warnings on compilation are allowed it only has to error free.
Questions of such type are compiled as well as executed. The value returned by your function should be exactly same as the expected return value for being correct.
Questions of such type have standard output files. The output generated by your program must match the correct output exactly in order to be judged correct.
Questions of such type produce standard error .So you have to either handle such errors or print the errors which will be matched against the ecpected standard error.
For each problem, Codzilla will have one or more input files, each according to the specifications mentioned in the problem statement, and corresponding correct output files. Codzilla will run your program on each of the input files by redirecting the standard input stream to an input file, and the standard output stream to another file. The output generated by your program must match the correct output exactly in order to be judged correct. You are not allowed to include any Libraries on you own .Whatever library is needed in the program it is already included there.If not included then it is not needed.Including libraries or Writing any system commands will never make your program correct.
How can I create a question on Codzilla?
Anybody who is registered to our site and is logged in can create a question on Codzilla.
Creating a question on Codzilla is very simple.There is tutorial available for your help on the site which will tell you step by step the steps to create a tutorial
Go to the link to learn how to create a question on Codzilla
You can upload output files for the fourth and fifth type of question.File should not be more than 2MB and should have ".txt" extension. For the sixth type of question you can only upload a zip file which can be maximum of 10MB and the files inside can only be ".txt" files and every input file should have the format input.xx and corresponding output file should be output.xx and none of the files should be empty.
Terms And Their Significance
Public bank is when you want to create a question which will be viewed by everybody. For creating a question for public bank you have to select a topic from codzilla tree.After your question is approved by the admin it will be there for everybody.
Private means you are craeting a question for your private repository and for this you can modify the codzilla tree.
Codzilla is a site for everybody from beginneres to experts.You can start from level 0 and go on to becme an expert in programming. We start from basics and have 7 levels till now which we will be further expanding.
This symbol signifies that out of all the test cases one or more test case is correct.
This symbol means that your answer is correct and it passed for all the test cases.
This symbol means that there is some error in your code and it did not compile properly
This symbol means that code compilation is successful but encountered error at runtime
This means that your code compiled and executed successfully but failed to produce the desired output.
Exceeded This means that your code took more than expected time to compile and run.